Think extremegreen. Build extremegreen.

One Step

Why not be one step ahead of your competition.  By recommending the use of Extremegreen MgO for your clients’ building projects you are setting yourself apart from the competition.  Show your client you care about them and the environment.  By recommending a high quality eco-friendly product such as Extremegreen MgO your clients will be safe in the knowledge that they are living and/or working in a toxin-free Extremegreen MgO environment.

Quality & Cost Control

The perfect finish you get with a sheet of Extremegreen MgO means that you get level five finishes every time. Not only is the finish superior to any other sheet building material, it costs less to achieve that finish. We have proven time and time again that you use less joint compound and/or wall & ceiling plaster than competing sheet building products. In fact, we often see that Extremegreen MgO uses 50% less wall & ceiling plaster and 50% less paint to achieve a level five finish. We may be a little more expensive than traditional gypsum board, but you get a 20 year warranty with Extremegreen MgO, it costs less to finish and it lasts longer.

A building needs to breathe otherwise it sweats and retains moisture inside the building envelope. Traditional building wraps do not allow a building to breathe. This leads to the formation and growth of toxic mold and mildew inside a sealed environment with nowhere to escape. Extremegreen MgO is a breathable magnesium cement product that allows any water or dampness to naturally evaporate and exit your home. Even when subjected to extended wet conditions, such as flooding, Extremegreen MgO will retain its structural integrity and will not promote the growth of toxic mold or mildew.


Extremegreen MgO is manufactured using naturally occurring magnesium oxide, which is a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic mineral found in the earth’s crust. You will find no toxic chemicals detrimental to human health in Extremegreen MgO, unlike other competing sheet building materials such as gypsum board, or portland cement board, which are often high in sulfur, mercury, fly ash and crystalline silica and are all detrimental to human health.

As a contractor one of the most harmful things to your crew’s health is exposure to toxic dust when cutting sheet building materials. Traditional fiber cement boards are full of crystalline silica which is a carcinogen and ultimately can lead to silicosis of the lungs and cancer. The dust generated when you cut extremegreen is non-toxic and poses no threat or risk to human health.

Protect your crew.  Think Extremegreen. Build Extremegreen.