Extremegreen SIPS Testing

Structural Insulated Panel Testing in Progress

ASTM Test NumberTest Description
ASTM E72Transverse Load Test
ASTM E72Axial Load Test
ASTM E72Shear Wall Test
NFPA 286Corner Burn Fire Test
ASTM C273Shear Strength of Expanded Polystyrene Foam Test
ASTM C271Density of Core Material Test
NTA 11-01Beam Flexure Test
ASTM C480Long Duration Loads Test
ASTM E661Concentrated Load Test
AWPA E1Protection from Decay Test
AWPA E7Protection from Termites Test
ASTM E1191 Hour Fire Rated Assembly Test
NTA 10-05Modulus of Elasticity Test for SIPS
NTA 10-05Modulus of Elasticity Test for Lumber
EngineeringModulus of Elasticity for Steel
ASTM E96Water Vapor Permeance Test
ASTM D1709Impact Resistance Test
ASTM E331Water Penetration Test
EngineeringUplift Strength
EngineeringConnection Detail Strength
EngineeringSuitability for Use Below Grade