What are Extremegreen SIPS?

Extremegreen SIPS Building System Design and Construction

Appropriate thermal insulation is the single most important factor that influences the energy performance of buildings.

The two main component parts of an Extremegreen SIP are Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) and Extremegreen MgO. Extremegreen MgO is a very high quality tested and approved MgO board that has been specifically designed to offer superior structural strength and flexion, thus making it an ideal building material.

An Extremegreen SIP panel is manufactured by precision laminating a sheet of Extremegreen MgO either side of an EPS foam core. This creates an extremely strong and versatile composite panel that can be used for many different applications. Extremegreen MgO is the structural component and EPS foam is the insulating component of the panel. Extremegreen MgO is available in different thicknesses and dimensions for varying applications and the density of EPS foam can also be altered to increase or decrease R-Value so as to suit any application, be it a regular residential house or a cold storage facility.

Extremegreen SIPS panels are available in 4’ x 8’ (1220mm x 2440mm), 4’ x 9’ (1220mm x 2745mm), 4’ x 10’ (1220 x 2050mm). Thicknesses of the panels vary from 2” (50mm) – 12.25” (312mm). The thickness of the panel specified depends on application and desired thermal efficiency or R-Value.

Extremegreen SIPS panels can be used for walls, floors, ceilings, roofs and retaining/basement walls and can be cut into any shape or size.

Typical Extremegreen SIPS Connection Detail: